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• Antenna HF Base, RECEIVING only

• Antenna Type: Active Loop Antenna

• Frequency Range: 0,5 - 30 MHz

• Power: USB Cable

• Packing: Bag-1

• MLA-30 loop antenna is a very popular broadband antenna. It is a receiving antenna for short wave listeners (SWL) and amateur radio enthusiasts (HAM) to receive medium wave and short wave in the limited living environment of the city.

• Frequency coverage: 500 kHz to 30 MHz.

• Excellent directionality can help you reduce noise, improve signal-to-noise ratio, and can mine weak signals submerged by noise when receiving by conventional antenna.

• MLA-30 ring antenna is easy to set up, and can be easily installed on the balcony, roof, etc. it is small and low-key installation, and there is no need to worry about the opposition of neighbors and property.

• Another advantage of the mla-30 loop antenna is that it is directional. By rotating the antenna, the dummy point of the antenna is aligned with the interference signal, which can minimize the specific near-field interference.


1 Pc of Antenna Amplifier

1 Pc of Stainles Steel Vibrator

1 Pc of Bias Power Supply

1 Pc of USB Cable

1 Pc of SMA Jumper

2 Pcs of Fixing Screw

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MegaLoop MLA-30 Plus only RX

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