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  • Bencher BY-2

The Bencher BY-2 paddle is identical to the BY-1, except the black base is replaced with chrome.

The underside of the BY-1 has 3 female and male disconnect terminals for ground and each of the DIT and DAH connections. HF transceivers equipped with either a 3.5mm (1/8") or 1/4" KEY input jack can be hooked right up with the EZ-1 kit. The EZ-1 has a 3 wire cable with the correct female terminals on one end for the BY-1 and BY-2, on the other end a 3.5mm connector with a 1/4" adapter included. No soldering. Plug the terminals onto the bottom of the key, plug the other end into the KEY jack on your HF rig.

Set spring tensioning, no adjustments to make other than desired contact spacing

Light touch for sending clean code

Powdercoated cold rolled steel base

Weight 3 lbs.

Adjustment wrench held on under the base with tool holder

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Bencher BY-2

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