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  • EAntenna dipole EA101520DX

The dipole EAntenna EA101520DX covers 10m, 15m and 20m bands.
Is based on a design of inverted "V" with a total length of 10,10 meters.
                           > 700 KHz. at 10 meters
                           Best SWR: 1:20
                           > 400 KHz. on 15 meters.
                           Best SWR: 1:13

                           > 300 KHz. on 20 meters.
                           Best SWR: 1:18

The antenna is set to 28400, 21250 and 14150 KHz.
To play antenna resonance, for each 5 cm. Wire cut on each side, up 50 KHz. So forexample, to stay tuned to 14150 KHz. would have to be cut 10 cm. cable on each side.

Maximum Power: 1.0 kW continuous

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EAntenna dipole EA101520DX

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