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  • EAntenna 70LFA5 (11,02 dBi - 21,45 dB F/B)

EAntenna LFA antennas for 70 MHz represent the largest development in antennas with moderate boom length for a single performance.
This performance is characterized in that:
You can listen to very low signals without noise QRM and QRN alter audio clarity.
Direct feeding is 50 ohms, so there is no loss whatsoever regarding adaptation lines. 
The bandwidth covers the entire band with low SWR / SWR.
The radiation pattern is wide, so that the signal is not as selective as you rotate the antenna a minimum.
Its ratio of F / B is high, since only antenna boom lengths can get exaggerated.
The gain is comparable with other models of antennas always larger in dimensions.
All this is explained because in EAntenna:
Millimeter by millimeter, manufacture and build CNC machines and / or prepared to hundredths of a millimeter measurements for an accurate measurement.
It takes care of every piece of aluminum, by filing them smooth exterior and interior. All this by hand, by skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
All hardware we use is in stainless steel AISI 304
The T5 aluminum used is 6061/6063 and 6082 T6, the best alloys for manufacturing antennas and resistant to the weather elements.
Always LFA EAntenna antennas are insulated from the boom, with German clamps PP (Polypropylene, -30 ° C / +60 ° C)

Specifications 70LFA4

Elements:    5
Frequency Range:    70,0~70,5MHz.
Gain: (dBi)    11,02 dBi *
Gain: (dBi)    17,02 dBi **
F/B:    20,48 dB
SWR:    1,0:1~1,2:1
Impedance:    50 Ohm
Max. Power:    10 kW. ***
Boom Length:    3,41m / 11,18'
Turning Radius:    2,4m / 7,9'
Wind Survival:    ≥ 200kmh / ≥ 125mph
Weight:    5,40 Kg. / 11,9 Pounds
Package dimensions: (W x H x L)    10x10x182cm 3,9x3,9x71,6"
* Gain dBi (Gain over isotropic in free space).
** Gain dBi at 20m above ground.
*** This antenan don’t requires balun. The feeding is direct to the coax, through soldering to the ring terminals.

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EAntenna 70LFA5 (11,02 dBi - 21,45 dB F/B)

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