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Building Instructions for the end fed antenna

Building Instructions for the end fed antenna, note which toroidal you use.













Screw holes 3 mm PL Plug 15mm

screw 5mm

Put a piece of tube / shrink tube over the folded copper protection when using pliers used to wrap, it may stay later.

Twist not too tight but loosely (see heart)

Wrap FT240-43 7 tightly together and the next 7 windings apart from each other. see above

For 450 watts pep version below

When FT140-43 2x 7 from each other, see below

Wrap toroidal FT 140-43

Extend coil drill 3 holes of 3 mm
(opite additional shrink tubing used as protection piece which passes through the holes)

Do not forget to solder and finish with heat shrink

Adjusting / arrange antenna.
Length of wire between the transformer and the first coil adjustment. (10/20) or (10/15/20/40)
So make no eye permanently to the wick, but tighten them just a bit to the screw, see what the true LOW SWR is, and make the wire becoming a bit shorter until the LOW SWR is where you want it (for 140-43) is approximately 14:15 a 14.2 MHz for the FT 240-43 this will be 14.1.
Put the strain relief at the wick and solder eyelet on the antenna, suppose 40 or 80 meter band off. Cut off the excess wire off but not save it back and secure with tie wraps (all that is longer than 20 cm can be cut)
Now imagine 40 or 80 meters away