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KENWOOD TS-2000-X Transceiver HF/6m/2m/70cm/23cm.

All-Mode Multi-Band Transceiver - HF/50/144/430/1200 MHz Bands
Dual-Channel Receivers 

DX-Cluster Reception via Built-In TNC

IF-DSP (Main Band) and AF-DSP (Sub Band)

Satellite Mode with Dual Tracking and CTCSS Tones

Built-In ATU 

Built-In Computer COM Port

300 Memory Channels and Free Downloadable Windows Memory Management Software

Algemene Eigenschappen Radio Amateur

1750 Hz Tone Burst Function.Ja
2 Beat Cancellation Modes (SSB/AM)Adaptive Auto/DSP Manual
2 Noise Reduction FunctionsJa
All Mode Squelch FunctionJa
Antenna Socket5 x TX/RX Sockets + 1 x HF RX-only
APRS Function (via built-in TNC)Ja
Auto Power OffJa
Automatic Repeater Offset (VHF)Ja
Automatic Simplex CheckerJa
Built-in Auto ATU1,81 MHz to 50 MHz dekking (ca. 3:1 Impedance range)
Built-in Packet TNC 1200/9600 bpsJa
Kanaal-Bezet-Blokkering (BCL)Ja
COM Port - D-sub 9-pinJa
Connector for External ATUJa
Connector for Remote/Linear AmpJa
CTCSS Encoder/DecoderJa, 38 EIA Tones
CW Key SocketJa, 1 x 3.5mm for Straight Key
1 x 6mm for Paddle/External Keyer
Data Connection for External TNCJa
DCS Encoder/DecoderJa, 104 Tones
Direct Frequency EntryJa
Dual-Mode DSPJa
DX Cluster Monitoring (via built-in TNC)Ja
FSK Reverse ModeJa
IF DSP With 100 MHz Clock RateJa
Illuminated Front Panel KeysJa
Internal VOXJa
Key Beep On/OffJa
Large Amber-coloured Backlit LCD DisplayJa
Memory Channel Lock-outJa
Memory Channels with Alpha-tagging310 Geheugenkanalen
Memory Name FunctionJa
Menu System for individual set-upJa
Multiple Scan FunctionsJa
PC Programmable MemoriesJa
PC Radio Control Program (Option)Ja
Programmable Function KeyJa
Receiver Hi-cut/Lo-cut DSP Slope FiltersJa
Receiver Noise BlankerJa
Receiver Notch Filter FunctionMore than 30 dB (at 1 kHz)
Reverse Repeater CheckerJa
RF Gain ControlJa
Satellite ModeJa
Selectable Squelch ConfigurationJa
Simultaneous 2 frequency RXJa
Speech ProcessorJa
Time-Out TimerJa
Transfer-Set (TF-Set) FunctionJa
Transverter Display Functionto 19.99999 GHz
TX Audio FilterJa
TX MonitorJa
TX/RX EqualizerJa
Visual Band Scope (Visual Scan)Ja
Wide/Narrow Deviation SelectionJa

Amateur HF Specificaties

23 cm RF Output Power10 W
5 W Minimum Output for QRP operationJa
50 MHz RF Output Power100 W SSB/FM/CW/FSK, 25 W AM
Antenna Impedance - 50 OhmJa
Antenna Tunable Range - 16.7 Ohm to 150 Ohm ImpedanceJa
Audio Output PowerMore than 1,5 W (8 Ohm, 10% distortion)
Current Drain (approx.)Transmit/Receive = 20.5 A/2.6 A (Approx)
DC Power Requirements13,8 V ± 15%
Frequency Stability± 0.5 ppm
HF Output Power100 W SSB/FM/CW/FSK, 25 W AM
Microphone Impedance - 600 OhmJa
ModesA1A (CW), J3E (SSB), A3E (AM), F3E (FM), F1D (FSK), F2D
Operating Temperature Range-10 °C to + 50 °C
Receiver Beat EliminationMeer dan 40 dB
Receiver CircuitryMain band - SSB/CW/AM/FSK Quad Super Heterodyne, FM = Triple Super Herterodyne. Sub-band AM/FM = Double Super heterodyne
Receiver Frequency RangeMain = 0.5-30 MHz/50-54 MHz/144-146 MHz/430-440 MHz/1240-1300 MHz
Sub = 144-146 MHz/430-440 MHz
Receiver IF Rejection RatioMore than 70 dB
Receiver Image Rejection RatioMore than 70 dB
Receiver Intermediate FrequenciesMain = 1st/2nd/3rd/4th 69.085 or 75.925 MHz/10.695 MHz/455 kHz/12.0 kHz
Receiver Selectivity - MainSSB at -6/-60 dB = more than 2.2 kHz, less than 4.4 kHz
AM/FM/FMN at -6/-50 dB = more than 6.0/12.0/8.0 kHz, less than 12.0/25.0/20.0 kHz
Receiver Selectivity - SubAM/FM = more than 12.0 kHz, less than 25.0 kHz at -6/-50 dB
Receiver Squelch Sensitivity - Main Band - FM28-30/50-54/144-146/430-440/1240-1300 = less than 0.2/0.2/0.1/0.1/0.1 µV
Receiver Squelch Sensitivity - Main Band - SSB/CW/AM/FSK0.5-1.705/1.8-28.7/50-54/144-146/430-440/1240-1300 = Minder dan 18/1.8/1.1/1.1/1.1 microVolts
Receiver Squelch Sensitivity - Sub-Band - AM/FMAM VHF/UHF = less than 1.1/1.1 µV
FM VHF/UHF = less than 0.18/0.18 µV
RIT Frequency Range± 20 kHz
RX Sensitivity - Main Band - AM0.5-1.705/1.705-24.5/24.5-30/50-54/144-146/430-440/1240-1300 = less than 31.6/2.0/1.3/1.3/1.0/1.0/1.0 µV
RX Sensitivity - Main Band - FM28-30/50-54/144-146/430-440/1240-1300 = less than 0.22/0.22/0.18/0.18/0.18 µV
RX Sensitivity - Main Band - SSB/CW/FSK0.5-1.705/1.705-24.5/24.5-30/50-54/144-146/430-440/1240-1300 = Less than 4.0/0.2/0.13/0.13/0.11/0.11/0.11 microVolts
RX Sensitivity - Sub Band - AM/FM144-146/430-440 = less than 0.28/0.28 µV
Transmitter Carrier SupressionMeer dan 50 dB
Transmitter Frequency Range160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 10, 6, 2, 70 cms, 23 cms bands
Transmitter Frequency Response400 Hz - 2600 Hz (within -6 dB)
Transmitter Maximum Frequency DeviationFM Wide/Narrow = less than ± 5.0 kHz/2.5 kHz
Transmitter ModulationSSB/FM/AM = Balanced/Reactance/Low Power
Transmitter Spurious Radiation1.8 - 28 MHz/50 - 430 MHz/1200 MHz = less than -50 dB/-60 dB/-50 dB
Transmitter Unwanted Sideband SupressionMeer dan 50 dB
UHF RF Output Power50 W
VHF RF Output Power100 W
Weight7,8 kg
XIT Frequency Range± 20 kHz

CW Features

Built-In Memory KeyerJa, Adjustable keying speeds from 10 - 60 wpm. Bug-Key function. 3 x 50-character memories with auto-repeat and interrupt functions.
CW AutotransmitJa
CW AutotuneJa
CW Pitch ControlJa, Adjustable from 400 Hz - 1000 Hz
CW-Reverse ModeJa
Full Break-In/Semi Break-InJa, Semi Break-In delay adjustable 50 ms - 1000 ms
Side Tone MonitorJa, With 10-step volume control
Terminal for CW paddle keyJa
Terminal for straight key/external electronic keyerJa


Digital Recording ModuleJa
Temperature-controlled Crystal OscillatorJa
Voice Synthesizer ModuleJa

Accessory Features

AfmetingenWxHxD = 270 x 96 x 317 mm (Projections not included)

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Kenwood TS-2000X Transceiver HF/6m/2m/70cm/23cm

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