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he EAntenna EA4J is a 4 meter band vertical antenna with omnidirectional lobe . The J-Pole antenna was designed by the German military in World War II for use in small zepellin, so the first denomination of this antenna is Zepp antenna.

It consists of sections of 35/30/25mm. in diameter, achieving impressive bandwidth, and a force from the wind very important.

Catching the mast is through an optimal system for better strength, with U-bolts up to 46mm.

Features of the EA4J

The EAntenna EA4J is optimized with their diameters and single feed system, which includes a coaxial choke balun with UHF/PL or N connector as required by the client.

The end result is notable figures gain and radiation pattern cleaning.

Quick and easy installation, because in 15 minutes you can ride without any headache. Each section is unique and there is no possible confusion in the assembly.

Antenna very solid construction, and with an acceptable weight.


Frequency Range: 70,0~70,5 MHz.

Gain: (dBi) 6 dBi

SWR: 1,0:1~1,2:1 (1 MHz.)

Max. Power: 2 kW.

Height: 3,95m / 12,95'

Weight: 3,0 Kg / 6,6 Pounds

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EAntenna EA4J 70 MHz J-Pole

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