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  • Church / Radio Scanner Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT

Uniden Bearcat UBC-355 CLT
Features, specifications and features: • Suitable for home as a desktop scanner or in the car or on (monitor for cycling races) the moto.
• 300 Channels: You can program a total of 300 channels: Private, Emergency Channels and other banks each have 100 programmable channels. 7 preset + Banks Private Banks: Private, Emergency, Free, PMR, Aviation, Marine, CB and AM radio amateur band.
• Frequency range: 25-87MHz, 108-174MHz, 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz.
• Close Call (TM) RF Capture Technology: Allows you to instantly store frequencies that are broadcast around with you in memory, and see what frequency it is sent out. (Ideal if one does not know where one is broadcasting on the frequency)
• Frequency Steps: Auto 5 kHz kHz 6:25, 8:33 kHz (single aviation band), 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz.
• Band Search: This scanner has 23 pre-set search tires. ("Search" tires) You can search for these bands to listen to your desired frequency.
• Turbo Search: Increases the search speed to get on 180 per second. (Only for tires with 5 kHz steps).
• Frequency Skip: Allows you to channels / frequencies which continuously sent out is off.
• Ability to set Band-search / Service Scan and Close Call Search
• Memory Lock: You can lock your CHANNELS programmed so that you knew or overwrite them later accidentally.
• Memory Back Up. There is a small backup battery (life +/- 7 years or more, which ensures that all remember in your scanner and continues.
Dimensions (mm): 132mm (W) x 142mm (D) x 42mm (H).
Frequency range and purpose:
- 25.0000 MHz - = 87.2950 MHz VHF Low Band.
- 108.0000 MHz - 136.9916 MHz = Aircraft Band.
- 137.0000 MHz - 147.9937 = 2 Meter Amateur band (in Europe to 146 Mhz)
- 148.0000 MHz - 174.0000 = How VHF Band.
- 406.0000 MHz - 512.0000 = UHF Band.
- 806.0000 MHz - 960.0000 = Public Service Band, cordless phones, GSM (coded) In the box you will find:
1 x UBC355CLT scanner.
1 x Telescopic Antenna.
1 x Window antenna.
1 x AC Adaptor.
1 x DC Power Cable (operates at 13.8 volts)
1 x Mounting bracket for the vehicle (or shack)
1 x Sigaretteaanstekerfische cable for car
1 x Manual

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Church / Radio Scanner Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT

  • Brand: Uniden
  • Product Code: Kerktelefoon / scanner Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT
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