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  • Solarcon IMAX-2000


• Antenna CB Base

• Whip Fiberglass

• Total  Length 550 cm

• Max Power 2000W 

• Connector: UHF-Female


-Handles 5000 Watts

-SWR Tuneable

-3mHz Bandwidth (under 2:1 swr)

-Covers far above and below the traditional CB channels

-1-2dB gain over best competitor

-Optimum SWR 1.5 - 1

-DC Grounded

-24 feet Tall ( Three 8 feet Sections )

-Insulated up to 14,500 Volts

-Can be Used for Export, Commercial, and 10 Metre.

-New easier stronger mounting system


Connector at bottom section: When measuring with a multi-meter on the UHF-Female (SO239) between conductor and ground a short circuit will be measured.

The reason for this is the special design of the MAX2000 and is different from most 'regular' antennas.

The same measuring result when checking only the bottom section or all sections installed.

Mid section: When measuring with a mult-meter between the top and the bottom of the mid section there will be NO continuity shown.

The reason for this  is the capacitor in the mid section, that is required  to create a 5/8 wave antenna.

Remark: In Max2000 there is a capacitor in the mid section because it is a 5/8 wave antenna, but there is No capacitor in the mid section of the A99 as this is a 1/2 wave antenna.

Note 2020 January: SOLARCON (I)MAX2000

Approx 24 years ago Solarcon introduced the iMAX2000. But after a very short time the name changed to MAX2000. The cinema company IMAX insisted Solarcon would change the name.

Note 2020 January: Antenna Length changed

Recently UPS changed the rules for the maximum dimensions of the parcels . UPS started strictly enforcing these size restrictions. The Max2000 box was a little oversized. The antenna was shortened approx 3 cm to fit in the slightly smaller box. This small change of the 'outer sections' has no result for the performance or SWR of the antenna.

The Solarcon Max2000 is made in the USA.


1 Pc of IMAX-2000 Antenna

1 Set of Mounting Materials

1 Pc of User Manual in English

only for the Neterlands

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Solarcon IMAX-2000

  • Brand: SOLARCON
  • Product Code: Solarcon IMAX-2000
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