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  • SP 200 Pre-Amp switchable 145 MHz

SP 200 Pre-Amp switchable 145 MHz

Super effective, Low-Noise-Preamplifiers

with VOX

The preamplifiers of the Super-Amp series are available for the amateur radio bands

6 m, 2 m, 70, 23 und 13 cm. All models are equipped with super-low-noise,

large-signal-resistant semiconductors which are safeguarded against HF by a an

effective protective circuit. To suppress unwanted signals, high quality Helix filters

are used.

The Super-Amp amplifiers can be operated alternatively with a remote or direct feed.

When a power amplifier is used, we recommend our Sequence Controller of the "DCW"

product line. This ensures a timely sequential receive/transmit switchover, controlling

the relays load-free, without HF.

The Super-Amp amplifiers are equipped with an UV-resistant, weatherproof housing

and N-sockets. Hot-dip galvanized clamps and installation material are part of the


Frequency Range [MHz]: 144-146

Noise figure (at 20°C) (NF) [dB]:0,5

Gain (S21) [dB]: 10-20*

Switching power w. RF-Vox [W]:100

Permissable power **(PEP) [W]:750

Permissable power ** (FM) [W]:500

Insertion loss. [dB]:0,04

Return loss act. TX [dB]:36

Return loss (S11) [dB]:3,5

Output return loss (S22) [dB]:30

O-IP3 [dBm]:16

I-IP3 [dBm]:-2

Suppl. volt./current [V/mA]:12-14/250

Mast diameter [mm]:58

*) gain is adjustable 10-20 dB

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SP 200 Pre-Amp switchable 145 MHz

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