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  • Yaesu SP-10

Yaesu SP-10
Yaesu Radio Co., Ltd. announced the external speaker “SP-10” (12,000 yen tax-exclusion) that matched the popular all-mode machine FT-991 / A series. At the same time, the external speaker “SP-20” (15,000 yen tax-exclusion) matching the FTDX 3000 series and FTDX 1200 series of HF fixed machine was also announced. Both will be on sale in late December

For the FT-991 series, FT-991A series of Yaesu radio, FTDX 3000 series and FTDX 1200 series, there was no setting of the external speaker which had the same size and design so far, users who wanted the same voice had raised a longing voice It is said.

According to the company, both SP-10 and SP-20 are high quality sound design, “faithfully reproduce the high quality sound output from the receiver from SSB in HF band to C · FH digital communication WIRES-X in V · UHF band” It is said. The specs that were announced are as follows.

– FT-991 / A Series for the 
regular price of 12,000 yen (excluding tax) 
, maximum input: 3W, impedance: 8Omu 
– Dimensions: W110 × H 80 × D253mm, body weight about 1.0kg

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Yaesu SP-10

  • Brand: Yaesu
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